All of our

Products are

hand made in the

United States

using locally

sourced lumber

and production


Keep up with our crew as they tear up our local mountains and urban spots during the season, and all of their travels during the off-season.

Support Your

Local Snowboarders


Our guys are not just some of the most talented and dedicated riders on the east coast. They are some of the best people in the industry too. Just grab a chair with one, and they might even give up some of their local knowledge.

When you buy from us, not only do you get a snowboard designed specifically to rip in all east-coast conditions. All of your money goes back into our local athletes, employees, snow industry, and material suppliers.


  • Hand Made In PA and CA
  • Locally Sourced Lumber
  • Plastic Based Materials from OH
  • Edge Materials from PA
  • Only Local Athletes